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  • "Mal! Is Evie back too?"
  • "Ah, just a witch here and there. Mostly it’s just a lot of scrubbing, scouring and sweeping. Lots and lots of sweeping."
  • "Yeah, she’s gone from wicked stepmother to wicked grandmother."
  • "Yeah! I thought of little braids."
  • "The washed-out blonde with purple tips? The best of no worlds. You can't where your face ends and your hair begins! Ugh, what is this, Bored to Death Pink?”
  • "Great, more sweeping."
  • "Evie? You came back! Is it all just like we imagined? Do they really have closets you can walk into? Have you been to a real swimming pool? What does ice cream taste like?"
  • "Hand me the glue gun!"
  • "That’s me, I made that! Eek!"
  • "Sorry, Granny!"

  • "I'm sure granny"
  • "My glue gun!"
  • "I'll miss you"

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