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Drizella Tremaine[]


Lady Tremaine[]


Lady Tremaine is the grandmother of Dizzy. In Descendants 2 we don't see them interact with each other despite Tremaine having Dizzy do all the cleaning work in the salon and yells at Dizzy from upstairs when she gets too loud. However, In Descendants 3 its shown that Dizzy still loves her grandmother.



Evie and Dizzy are shown to be very close friends. In Descendants 2, Dizzy gets excited when she sees Evie walk into the salon. Dizzy agrees to make Mal and Evie color bombs to use against Uma and her crew. Later on, Evie asks Ben if they could bring Dizzy along with all the other VKS to Auradon and its revealed that Dizzy sees Evie as an "older sister".


Although not as close as she is with Evie, Dizzy is really close with Mal. The first scene we see with them is when Mal walks into the salon asking her to dye her hair. After the hair is done, Mal tips Dizzy before Harry comes in and takes it.

Celia Facilier[]

Although we don't see much scenes with the two of them in Descendants 3, we see that the two of them are best friends or at the least very close. According to one of the books, Celia is friends with Dizzy, and they've been friends ever since Dizzy designed Celia's tiny hat.


Harry Hook[]

Although the two don't interact much, its shown that Dizzy doesn't like Harry and presumingly the other members of Uma's crew. The only scene we see the two in together is after Mal's hair makeup when Harry walks in and takes the tip Mal gave Dizzy from her.