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Dopey is a character in the Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants, he makes a cameo in the first film. He is one of the heroes and he is also the father of Doug. He is also one of the dwarfs in the movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Before Auradon

This little mute man is one of the dwarfs who agreed to hide Snow White from the Evil Queen. When she was saved by the prince, he moved on.


Dopey appears in Ben's coronation along with his unnamed wife.


In Snow White, he wears a green robe and a purple hat and brown shoes. In Descendants, he has a red vest, a blue tie, and appears to have glasses.


  • Dopey is mute because according to Happy, he has never tried to speak.
  • Since he can't talk to Doug (he can't speak), the other dwarfs have to call Doug and every time Doug ends a phone call, he says, "Love to Dad".
  • He was originally was going to be voiced by Mel Blanc, who previously voiced multiple Looney Tunes characters.
  • Even though he can't talk, he can scream. That was his only line in the 1937 movie.
  • He is the only dwarf without a beard.