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The relationships of Doug throughout the Descendants franchise.


(Father) It is implied that Doug has to do most of the talking for his dad since he can't, like when the other dwarfs have to call Doug and when every time Doug ends a phone call, he says, "Love to Dad".

Doug's mother[]

(Mother) She is Doug's mother and it is implied that the two get along. Like during the coronation scene, she appears very briefly standing next to her husband and son, applying his bow tie.


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Bashful Jr.[]

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Sleepy Jr[]


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(Girlfriend/True Love/In Love With)

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Doug fell in love with her at first sight despite knowing she was a VK and the daughter of the evil queen. She seemed to notice and enjoyed the attention but didn't reciprocate at first. He tried to warn her about Chad but failed and even stalked her on the first day in order to ask her to sit with him during Ben's coronation, inadvertently giving her information about the wand's location. Later, when Chad nearly had Evie expelled by giving the teacher the mirror Evie cheated with, Doug defended her and prevented her from being expelled. Evie happily showed her B to Doug and even agreed to study with him sometime, possibly beginning to reciprocate his feelings as he helped her with her matter with Chad. After the Family day incident, he tried to sit with her but was pressured by Chad not to , Evie apologized to him. By the end of the film, the two are shown to have shared a dance together. It is implied and later on confirmed the two began dating in the Return to the Isle of the Lost novel.

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In Descendants 2, Doug works as an accountant for Evie's clothing brand, Evie's 4 Hearts. He was worried when he couldn't find Evie as she went to the Isle of the Lost to look for Mal. Jay and Carlos lied to him, telling Doug that Evie went camping. Doug, thinking that Evie actually went camping, got jealous. Once Evie returned, Doug asked her if she was going out with Happy's son. Evie explained to him that they went to save Ben and told him to not be a dopey. She kissed him on the cheek to confirm him that she only loves him.


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Carlos De Vil[]

Though Doug had no interaction with him,it can be implied they get along due to their association with Evie.


Even though Doug had no interaction with him,it can be implied they get along due to their association with Evie.