Dude is a dog that appears in the films, Descendants and Descendants 2. He's Auradon Prep's campus mutt and later on, a close friend of Carlos. He is voiced by Bobby Moynihan in the sequel Descendants 2.




Dude first appeared during the scene where Ben was training Carlos with sprints. The dog was running behind Carlos until Carlos climbed up a tree since Carlos' mother, Cruella De Vil taught him to be cynophobic his whole life. When Ben handed Dude to Carlos, the two began to bond throughout the movie.

During the video chat to the evil parents. Cruella De Vil is surprised to see Carlos with him. She says he would make perfect earmuffs but Carlos steps up and tells his mother that they love each other.

Descendants 2

In Descendants 2, Dude gets the ability to talk due to eating the truth gummy Mal made for Carlos. He followed Carlos to the Isle of the Lost.


  • The dog who portrayed Dude was a female dog named Paisley.
  • According to Dude, he flunked obedience class.
  • Ironically even though he does not talk in the original film, he talks in the Sequel.


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