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Carlos De Vil[]

Carlos De Vil is Dude's owner and best friend. The two were first introduced back in Descendants when Ben introduced Carlos to Dude to help take care of his dog fear instated by his mother. Since then the two did almost everything with each other. In Descendants 2, when Mal brings Carlos a truth gummy to help him get his feelings out to Jane, Dude eats it and gains the ability to talk, much to Carlos and Mal's shock. When Ben gets captured by Uma, Carlos firmly tells Dude to stay but he doesn't listen and gets in the trunk of the limo and goes to the Isle. Dude proved to be a pivitol piece of the plot later when Uma asks Mal to use the "wand" to make sure it was real. Mal waved the wand and pointed it at Dude and the ladder spoke making Uma think the wand gave him the ability to talk.

Descendants 3 - Photography - Dude and Celia

Celia Facilier[]

The manner Celia approached and spoke to Dude made Dude think she seemed nice.