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Dylan Playfair is a Canadian actor. In Descendants 2 and Descendants 3, he portrays the role of Gil, one of the sons of Gaston.


Dylan Playfair is a Canadian born film and television actor who stars in the series, Some Assembly Required, in the role of Knox. Dylan also appears in the Canadian sitcom Letterkenny in the role of Reilly. He is a versatile actor and producer whose work ranges between youth sitcoms, biopics, horror films, comedies, and documentary film productions.

Early life[]

During the summers growing up, he worked in various sawmills in his home town of Fort St. James, British Columbia and on his cousins' farm where his family has a summer residence. He played Jr. A-hockey in the BCHL for the Merritt Centennials and planned to play professionally before he became an actor.



  • During a look behind Descendants 3, Playfair talks about his role as Gil where he compares his character's friendship to everyone to that of a golden retriever who is very loyal, in the same clip, Thomas Doherty can be seen throwing a tennis ball over to Playfair as this is mentioned. He also talks about how Gil just wants what's best for everyone ending his segment saying that Gil was very fun to play.