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The Enchanted Mirror is the mirror that formerly belongs to King Beast and Queen Belle, it is currently in the Museum of Cultural History.

Before the formation of Auradon[]

When King Beast was still trapped within his beast form, he owned an enchanted mirror that allowed him to show whatever person or object he asked to. When Belle was his prisoner, he used the mirror's power of scrying to see how she was only to see Belle claiming she does not want anything to do with her captor.

After the Beast and Belle eventually began to crow close, Belle began to worry further for her father, Maurice, and was given the mirror to see him but upon noticing how weak, sick and alone he was in the harsh weather, Belle insisted she had to save him, the Beast, now with a much kinder heart, allowed her to leave and take the mirror with her.

When the townsfolk, Monsier D'Arque, Gaston and LeFou waited outside for Maurice to be taken away after he claimed there was a beast, Belle used the mirror to prove her father's innocence only for Gaston to take it from her, lock the two inside their own home and lead the male townsfolk as a mob to the castle.

Descendants 3[]

Sometime after creating Auradon, the then King Beast and Queen Belle donated the mirror to the Museum of Cultural History.