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King Eric, formerly Prince Eric, is the deuteragonist in the 1989 film The Little Mermaid. He one the heroes of Auradon, being the king of his kingdom, and Ariel's husband. He makes a cameo appearance in Descendants 2.


Before Auradon[]

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Eric in The Little Mermaid

Eric as he appears originally in The Little Mermaid.

After almost drowning one night, Eric was saved by Ariel, a mermaid with a fascination for all things human. After failing to know who rescued him, he spends the next few days thinking about her, only remembering her voice.

After Ariel becomes human, Eric fails to put together that she is the one who saved him due to Ariel being unable to speak due to having made a deal with Ursula. After spending time with Ariel, Eric falls in love with her but is soon lured into loving another person, a woman named "Vanessa", who in reality, is Ursula donning a disguise and using Ariel's voice to lure Eric into marrying her instead.

After the wedding between Eric and "Vanessa" was foiled by Ariel and her friends, Eric realises that Ariel is the person who really saved her. Unfortunately, time runs off for Ariel as the third day is up and she is forced to return to being a mermaid, she is taken away by Ursula and in turn, Eric goes on a rescue mission. After Ursula is killed and King Triton turns his daughter back human, Eric and Ariel marry.


He is one of the heroes to have an image in The Auradon Cathedral.

Descendants 2[]

Eric appears at the royal podium at the Cotillion with his wife.


  • Although in Descendants franchise he has no known descendants, he has a daughter named Melody in the film The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, set outside the canon of the Descendants universe.
    • Despite this, a castle appears on the Auradon map under the name "Melody's Castle" near Ariel and Eric's Castle, which could be a tribute to the character, or the possibility that an alternate version of her exists in Descendants.