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Evie's Cottage (a.k.a. Evie's 4 Hearts) is a minor location in Descendants. The cottage is where Evie lives. Following her tenure at Auradon Prep, Evie bought a cottage, thanks to Doc who acted as her realtor. Evie uses her cottage to grow her business and house the new generation of VKs.


Escape from the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[]

Evie's cottage serving as the sole location which Evie's clothing line is made for distribution. It also serves as a home to Evie, Jay and Mal after their graduation in Escape from the Isle of the Lost. Carlos and Doug are known to visit. Celia, Dizzy, Squeaky and Squirmy lived here until they can be admitted to Auradon Prep the following semester. Mal will later move out and into the King's palace with Ben.

Descendants 3[]

Later, at Evie's 4 Hearts, a cottage serving as the Vk's residence and Evie's place of business. Mal tells Evie about the plan to close the barrier, but leaves out that it was her idea. Evie points out the same facts as Ben, but Mal manages to convince Evie that it's the best choice. Later, everyone is getting ready to go to Jane's birthday party. However, Carlos notices part of the cake they made for Jane had a part of it missing. Annoyed, he demands to know which of their guests ate it. Outside, is revealed that Celia and Dizzy had been impatient and stolen the cake; they like it better than what they have on the isle, because it lacks dirt and flies. On the other side of the house, Mal steps outside with her gift for Jane, only to be surprised by Audrey, who she is surprised to see having turned evil and carrying her mother's scepter. Mal tries to reason with Audrey, who refuses to listen to her, angry that Mal has gotten the life she wanted; worse, she intends to make Auradon pay for "betraying" her. Audrey zaps Mal with the scepter, turning her into an old hag. The VKs rush outside as Audrey vanishes. Jay suggests Mal uses a spell to reverse what Audrey did, but Mal tells him only Hades' ember is powerful enough to undo the scepter's magic. Celia reveals that she knows where Hades lives, as she used to be his errand rat, getting drafted to help. Evie helps Mal inside for a change of clothes. The VKs ride their bikes to the edge of the land, where Mal recites the spell she previously used to reach the isle.

Evie, Mal, Uma and Celia return to the VK's house, with Uma impressed. Inside, Dizzy, Squirmy and Squeaky are asleep from the spell. Celia covers them with a blanket and tells Dizzy that soon more VKs will come from the island. Evie finds Doug asleep in her sewing room. Uma and Mal flatly tell Evie to wake him with true love's kiss. Asking to be alone, Evie wonders if what she has with Doug is true love. Deciding that there's only one way to find out, she kisses him and Doug wakes.