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Fa Mulan is the main protagonist in the 1998 animated film Mulan. She made a cameo appearance in the Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants. She is one of the heroes of Auradon, being the wife of Li Shang and the mother of Lonnie and Li Shang Jr..


Before the formation of Auradon[]

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Fa Mulan in Mulan

Mulan as she appears originally in Mulan.

Mulan is the only child of Fa Zhou, a former war veteran, and Fa Li. When her father was called up to join the army but is unable to do so, Mulan takes his place, pretending to be a boy named Ping. Although at first it is difficult for her to adapt, during the training, she ends up being one of the best soldiers.

But, after seeing Shan Yu and several of the Huns emerge from the snow, Mulan runs away to warn her companions. However, they do not pay attention to her, and finally the Huns end up kidnapping the Emperor. Even so, Mulan, with the help of his army friends, confront Shan Yu and the Huns, until they defeat them and save the Emperor, who shows his gratitude to Mulan for her actions.


She appears in Ben's coronation along with her husband Li Shang and her daughter Lonnie. She is also one of the heroes to have an image in the Auradon Cathedral.



  • Mulan means "magnolia blossom" in Chinese. It could also mean "wood orchid".
  • She is the only Disney Princess to have a high kill count.
  • Despite being considered a Disney Princess, she does not have royal blood nor did she marry into royalty.
  • Her pink bridal outfit is a Chinese garment hanfu
  • Her pink bridal outfit is very often confused for a kimono (Japanese), but is actually the Chinese garment hanfu.
  • She and Jasmine share the same singing voice actress, that being Lea Salonga.
  • Ming-Na Wen's habit of touching her hair was incorporated into Mulan's character.


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