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Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, also known as The Three Good Fairies, are members of The Council of Sidekicks. They were called upon during the christening of baby Princess Aurora and were in attendance once Maleficent cursed the child.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

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After being invited to the christening of infant Princess Aurora, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather attended the ceremony and brought magical gifts for the girl, once Merryweather attempted to conjure her gift, Maleficent entered the room and cursed Aurora, Merryweather was the one to change the curse so it would not kill the girl but instead place her into a slumber on her sixteenth birthday.

Fairies in disguise

Merryweather, Fauna and Flora appearing human in Sleeping Beauty

To keep her safe, Queen Leah and King Stefan allowed the fairies to raise their daughter elsewhere and for sixteen years, the three raised Aurora as Briar Rose and acted as her aunts, during Aurora's birthday, the three sent her out and used the time to create presents for her in the form of a dress, Merryweather and Flora's constant use of magic changing the dress from blue to pink caused Diablo to locate where Aurora was hidden, another gift the fairies had for her was a large, towering cake that only remained supported by a broom. On Aurora's return, she mentioned how she would be seeing the young man she saw in the forest though the fairies forbade it, admitting the truth to her and taking her home that night.

Allowing the girl to grieve, the three fairies left Aurora alone but upon remembering the curse, they entered and found it empty, in a higher room they found Aurora already asleep by Maleficent, the three placed a sleeping spell on the entire kingdom and went to get Prince Phillip's help and aided him in his battle to stop Maleficent, after the latter was killed, the three woke the entire kingdom and watched as Aurora danced with her true love as Flora and Merryweather continued to change the dress form pink to blue once more.

The Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[]

The three fairies attended a meeting hosted by Prince Ben along with the other members of The Council of Sidekicks where they sided with the other members of the council upon not believing they were being treated fairly and were not being paid for their good deeds and left once the meeting was over.

Descendants 2[]

They were mentioned by Jane who explained to Carlos that Audrey could no longer help with Cotillion that year due to being on a spa vacation with the three fairies.



  • Despite being considerede the tritagonists in Sleeping Beauty, the three fairies appeared most throughout their debut and were present for many of the important scenes, including the battle agains Maleficent.
  • Flora was named after Walt Disney's mother.
  • In The Isle of the Lost: The Graphic Novel, their appearances do not match their appearances in their debut film during the council meetings, with each of the fairies wearing the colours of each other: with Flora in blue, Fauna in red and Merrweather in green. Their appearances are corrected later on when Mal sees herself at Aurora's christening.


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