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That makes her the best! And don't I deserve the best?
―Gaston to LeFou during "Belle"

Gaston is the main antagonist of the 1991 film Beauty and the Beast, being one of the villains imprisoned in the Isle of the Lost. He is the father of Gaston Jr., Gaston the Third and Gil. On the Isle, he owns Gaston's Duel's Without Rules.

Background Information


Gaston is a man with a vain, arrogant and overall selfish personality who is also sexist as he believes women, such as Belle, should not be reading and suggests the idea to be "not right". Despite wanting to marry, he only seeks Belle due to seeing her as the only attractive woman in the village instead of for true love. To get what he wants, Gaston often stoops to a lower level in order to secure his desires such as when he bribed Monsieur D'Arque, he thinks of himself highly and believes he should only get the best.


Before the formation of Auradon

      Further information: Beauty and the Beast
Known as a small town's local hero and hunter, Gaston is a well respected man whose only desire is to marry Belle as he believes she is the "most beautiful girl in town" and sees her as the only person worthy of marrying him despite the feelings not being reciprocated. Despite multiple occasions of Belle showing no interest, Gaston attempts to pursue her hand in marriage only to be rejected once more, the incident causes him to fall in mud and feel humiliated.

Later at night at the tavern, Gaston complains about the incident from earlier as LeFou insists that the other villagers, save for Maurice and Belle, admire him and still believe him to be the greatest as they cheer him up with the song "Gaston". As Maurice runs into the tavern claiming that a "beast, a horrible monstrous beast" has kidnapped Belle and keeping her as prisoner, the men there find the claim hilarious and mock Maurice believing him to be crazy as a few of the men have him thrown him. Upon hearing of Maurice's claim, Gaston believes that he will have another chance to marry Belle if he is the one to rescue her as he and LeFou concoct a plan together. Soon after, Gaston explains his plan to Monsieur D'Arque, the town's mental asylum owner, explaining that he wants Maurice to be placed in the Maison de Lune Insane Asylum and will only have him released if Belle agrees to be Gaston's wife, Monsieur D'Arque agrees to the idea as Gaston orders LeFou to wait outside Belle and Maurice's home until the two return.

Once Maurice and Belle return home, Gaston and a mob surround the front area of the house as Belle discovers what is going on, Gaston tells her off his plan only for Belle to stand her ground and declare that her father is an innocent man and deems Gaston a monster for his idea, she then proves her father right in the Beast being real by showing him in the enchanted mirror given to him only for it to backfire as Gaston convinces the townspeople that he is villainous beast despite Belle's protests, Gaston then leads the male members of the mob towards the castle declaring that he will slain the Beast inside.

Even though the men find themselves defeated by the castle's inhabitants in an effort to defend themselves, their home and their master, Gaston continues his search and comes across the Beast and shoots an arrow which hits him, still believing him to be the only man worth of Belle, Gaston continues to taunt the Beast and becomes angered at the thought of Belle being in love with the Beast, the two soon engage in a fight and after almost being dropped of the castle, Gaston begs to be spared to which the Beast agrees though Gaston uses his kindness to his advantage and stabs him one final time, the Beast's reaction causes his attacker to let go, Gaston then falls to his death down into the river below.

The Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel

Sometime after the Isle of the Lost was formed, Gaston was among the villains who were deceased to be revived and was quickly imprisoned. Later on, he fathers twins, Gaston Jr. and Gaston The Third and would later father Gil. During another unknown point in time, he was employed at Dragon Hall where he taught P.E.


Although he does not have an appearance, Maleficent claims that Gaston should be jealous of Jay's muscles.

Descendants 2

He is mentiouned by Gil, who tells Ben that his father is "Quick, slick and his neck is incredibly thick" upon realising that he is talking to the son of his father's enemy. Once Ben was rescued from the Lost Revenge, Gil tells Ben to tell Belle that Gaston says hello to her and to tell the Beast that he wishes he could have killed him when he had the chance to.

Descendants 3

He is again mentioned by his son Gil, who after find Ben and see that he was hurt, comments that his father told him that Ben's father did not handle pain well either.


  • On the Isle of the Lost's map, Gaston seems to live near Claude Frollo.
  • Prior to having his three sons, in Beauty and the Beast he tells Belle he wishes to have six or seven "strapping boys" like himself.
  • He is the first Disney villain to have three vocal songs. "Gaston" "Gaston Reprise" and "The Mob Song".
  • Gaston's crimes were:
    • Kidnapping (Belle, Maurice)
    • Attempted Murder (The Beast)
  • He is one of the few villains to be called a monster by the protagonist.
  • In Uma's Wicked Book (for Villain Kids) it is mentioned by Gil that Gaston has a wife and that Gaston is more interested in her than his shop.
  • Due to being in his mid 20s in his debut, he is in his mid 40s by Descendants.


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