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Located next to Frollo's Creperie, Gaston Duels Without Rules is a store on The Isle of the Lost owned by Gaston. It sells weapons such as bow and arrows, wooden clubs, axes, swords, knives, pitchforks and battering rams. In the back, Gaston allows patrons to duel with one another to settle their disputes. One example is LeFou and Mr. Smee got into a wrestling match over a pint of beans. On another occasion Claude Frollo and the Horned King got into a sword fight.

Gil formerly worked at his father's shop in the stockroom but Gaston fired him from the job after Gil fired arrows into the wall which could no longer be sold. The fighting area of the ship is out back with concrete flooring and surrounding by a chain-link fence but cannot be seen from the street


  • During the last dance from Rotten to the Core, there is a yellow sign that says Gaston Duels Without Rules.