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Genie is a character from the 1992 animated film Aladdin. He appears in the book The Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel as one of the members of the Council of Sidekicks. In Descendants: Wicked World, he is known as the father of Jordan. In Rise of the Isle of the Lost, it is revealed that he is now a teacher at Auradon Prep.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

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Genie in Aladdin

Genie as he appears originally in Aladdin.

After spending a thousand years inside his lamp, he is freed by Aladdin, to whom he offers three wishes, the first being to become a prince so he can marry Princess Jasmine. Some time later, when Aladdin is about to drown after being thrown into the sea, he manages to rub the lamp, with the Genie saving him by taking it as his second wish. Because Aladdin promised to use his third wish to free him, the Genie waits impatiently for him, but Aladdin hesitates to do so, making the Genie angry with him.

Later, when Grand Vizier Jafar obtains the lamp, he invokes the Genie so that he can wish to become Sultan. As a second wish, Jafar asks him to become a powerful sorcerer. But when Aladdin later attempts to retrieve the lamp, and Jafar confronts him with his powers, Aladdin tells him that he will never be as powerful as the Genie. With which, Jafar uses his third wish to become a powerful genie, not to mention that this entails being locked in a lamp, which the Genie throws far away.

Finally, although the Genie tells Aladdin that he can make him a prince again if he wishes, Aladdin uses his last wish to free the Genie as promised. After saying goodbye to his friend, the Genie leaves to travel the world enjoying his freedom.

The Isle of the Lost[]

Genie, as a member of the Council of Sidekicks, is present during the meeting of the Council with Ben.


He was mentioned when Maleficent says to Jafar that he wants revenge on him and Aladdin.

Descendants: Wicked World[]

He is mentioned several times during the series, where his daughter Jordan is a recurring character.



  • Originally, the peddler that appears at the beginning in Aladdin as the narrator of the story was going to reveal himself as the Genie in the ending of the film, but the idea was scrapped.