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Goal is a song that was featured in Disney's Descendants: The Musical. It is sung by the actors playing Carlos and Jay.


Jay: From the north to the south, from the east to the west

Bad boys, bad girls you all know who's the best


Out the way, it's my way. Back it up know your role

It's time to turn up speed and take control and get into that Goal

I'm the hero now

Showing my skills as I take a bow

They're standing still and they don't know how they're losing


Cuz I see that

Jay and Ensemble: Goal!

Jay: You can't complete, I don't need to cheat

This is my sweet, found my feet.

Feel the heat

Cuz I'm getting that Goal

Jay: Woah

Carlos: No!

Jay: Go!

Carlos: Oh God

Couch: Run Carlos, Run Carlos,

Cheerleader: Wow Carlos! My Squad.

Carlos: Come on Carlos, Now don't wimp out!

Player: Get him!

Other Player: I'm trying

Carlos: Show them what the Isles all about

Ensemble: Aah.

Carlos and Jay: Send a pic and then leave them flat.

Ensemble: Aah

Carlos and Jay: Where I'm from sharing isn't where it's at but it's getting that

All: Goal!

Jay and Carlos: Yeah we're teaming up

Radio space, cuz we're beaming up!

Who knew a team was redeeming?

Yep if you dream enough then you'll get that

All: Goal!

Jay: We're way down the field, but I don't know how to feel

What's the deal?

Which is real?

We or I?

I'm forgetting my goal

Jay: They can try to deny your style, but we were born this great!

Cuz they can the evil out of the isle, but they don't want to underestimate

Carlos: If you wanna a touch down, not a moment to waste get a me, get a J, Get us into the race

You can say what you want, but you better make chase, cuz the Isle made us.

Carlos and Jay: And we're running this place

Jay: When I say "C", you say "J"!


Ensemble: J!

Jay: C!

Ensemble: J!

Carlos: When I say "we," you say, "slay."


Ensemble: Slay

Carlos: We

Ensemble: Slay

Coach: When I say "Team", you say "play"

Ensemble: ughhh

Jay: CATCH UP! I could do this all day cuz we're getting that

All: Goal!

Jay: Yeah we're heroes now

Showing our skills we should take a bow

They're standing still and they don't know how?

Ensemble: We'e losing? Ow..

Carlos and Jay: Cuz we got that

All: Goal!

Carlos and Jay: Your power is gone

Do we even need the want?

What a run, this is fun.

And we won!

Cuz we got that

All: Goal!


  • It is a redone and repurposed song of Good to be Bad from Descendants 3.