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Jafar's Snake Staff is an object owned by the evil sorcerer Jafar, in the Aladdin franchise. It is called the Golden Cobra.



A replica of the staff is seen the in the hands of a manikin of Jafar in the Museum of Cultural History.

Descendants: Wicked World

The staff appears in "Steal Away" as an exhibit in the Museum of Cultural History. When Mal was possessed by her cursed Birthright Jewel, she stole it from the museum and handed it to Zevon. It is seen again when Zevon showed it to Jay, Carlos, Jane, and Freddie in "Options Are Shrinking". When Jay saw it in Zevon's hands, he knew right away that the staff is his Dad's.

In "Party Crasher" Zevon stole Jay, Carlos, Evie and Freddie's Birthright Jewels so he could use them to power the staff with their own power. Zevon planned to use the jewel powered staff to turn everyone in Auradon evil. However in "United We Stand" Mal was able to get a hold of the staff and used it to undo Zevon's "evil"; she also used its power to lift the curse from her jewel. It's possible that the Snake Staff was later returned to the museum.