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Hades' Cave is a cave located on the Isle of the Lost, it is owned by Hades and allowed small amounts of magic to go through its cracked layers which were later sealed shut by Celia Facilier's shadow[1], it is located under the basement of Dragon Hall and can only be accessed by going through a various amounts of tunnels, it appeared in Descendants 3.


Escape from the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[]

Prior to making it his own home, the cave was just an ordinary empty area below Dragon Hall but was scouted through by demons, pirates and goblins when Hades attempted to escape from the Isle believing that the dome did not fully extend to the bottom, Hades then had his team dig a number of holes in order to weaken the barrier but eventually gave up after all ended up getting lost, he then ordered the strongest of the demons to clear the area.

Descendants 3[]

Upon watching Gil, Harry and a few of the pirates steal the bikes, the group attempted to stop them only for Mal to stop Celia claiming she needed her help to find the ember, Celia obliged and took Mal to the cave noting that it would be an easy task since Hades would be asleep, Mal then questions how big the dog inside would be after seeing a poster as Celia then unlocked the door and took Mal through the tunnels.

Inside, Mal then discovered that the dog was in fact a vinyl record of dog barks and went to go for the ember only for Celia to quietly suggest the former go another route, Celia, annoyed at the constant repeat of the barks being stuck turns it off which causes Hades to question why she is there, Celia then claims she was there to give him canned corn only for Hades to stop Mal from taking the ember where she then reveals to Celia that Hades is her father.

Hades then stands from his seat and remarks how he was going to see his daughter, Mal then tells him that he abandoned her when she was a baby which Hades denies and instead insists he left Maleficent as she was not the easiest person to deal with, Mal agrees as Hades then believes he and his daughter have something in common, Mal argues back claiming that at least Maleficent raised her which causes Hades to become angered at the idea that he used to have everything but lost it all when he was banished to the Isle as he and Mal further argue about how Hades was never there for his daughter as the latter argues she still became better even without her father.[2]

Mal once again asks for the ember as Hades tells her that it will not work for her, Mal states that it will as she is blood but Hades further explains himself that it will not work since Mal is only "half-Hades" to which Mal remarks she will take the chances, Hades then gives her the ember and tells her that if it is dropped in water, it will stop working though Mal leaves. Outside, Celia admits that Hades would always ask about her as Mal then tells her that she has only ever told Evie that she is Hades' daughter and insists he does not exist to her due to do abandoning her when she was an infant.


The cave is that of an average cave with stone walls with cracks in them, inside there are many items such as a record player, a phonograph, a dirty mirror and other belongings, on the walls there are also many tally marks done by Hades himself counting how many days he has been trapped.