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Hades' Ember is a powerful ember and is owned by Hades, it is a magical item said to have more power than Maleficent's Scepter, its weakness is water, it was used by Mal and Hades in Descendants 3


Descendants 3[]

Upon returning to the Isle of the Lost with her friends after Audrey became corrupted, Celia Facilier took Mal to Hades' Cave insisting it would be safe to take since Hades would be asleep. Inside, Celia points to the ember and Mal goes to take it only for Hades to stop her, Mal then demands the ember to save Auradon as Hades tells her it will not work since Mal does not have pure goddess blood, Mal insists she will take the chance and gets the ember but is warned to not get it wet, Mal then leaves and soon comes into contact with Uma, Harry and Gil, the ember almost falls into the sea but Uma stops it where she promises to return it if more of the kids on the Isle can move to Auradon, Mal agrees.

After Mal admits that she had all along lied about wanting to allow other Villain Kids over due to planning to keep the barrier up for good, Celia took the ember and placed it into a fountain of water which rendered it useless, the former attempts to dry it off with her dragon breath only to be unsuccessful. Later, Uma uses the power of her necklace to bring its magic back which defeat Audrey.

After Audrey appears dead, Mal convinces Ben, Beast and Belle to allow Hades onto Auradon grounds so that he can resurrect Audrey, after her request is granted, Hades is brought inside the room and uses the ember to bring the princess back to life, upon being taken away, Hades allows his daughter to keep the ember.


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