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The relationships of Hades throughout the Descendants franchise.



Due to being in Zeus' shadow, Hades resents his brother and further began hating him when Zeus bestowed the Underworld to him though Zeus was unaware Hades greatly despised his new home, the latter began planning on overthrowing his brother and briefly did so before Hercules arrived to Mount Olympus.


(Nephew) Hades also greatly resented his nephew even when Hercules was a newborn and on the same day he began his plan to overthrow Zeus, Hades had Pain and Panic kidnap Hercules to turn him mortal so that with his nephew out of the way, Hades' plan to overthrow his brother would work, Hades was then assured by his minions that his nephew was dead and for seventeen years, he believed them until learning that his nephew survived. Hades began to find an army of creatures only for his plans to be foiled by his nephew, Hades eventually stole Hercules' strength so that Megara would be free only for the deal to be broken when Megara was killed, Hercules eventually made a deal with his uncle that would bring Megara back to life and have him placed into the River Styx instead. Hades was then punched into the same river when Hercules retrieved Megara's soul as his actions were deemed heroic enough to regain his status as a God..



Despite walking out of Mal's life when she was a baby, Hades eventually reunited with his daughter during his attempted escape from the Isle of the Lost where the two engaged in a fight that ended with Hades draining Mal's magic that took her out of her dragon form. When Mal later went to her father's cave in hopes to get his ember to stop Audrey, Hades claimed him leaving was necessary for his daughter to grow though he eventually handed over his ember. Hades later made up for leaving by reviving Audrey before thanking Mal for allowing him to see off the Isle, when the barrier was taken down, Hades then returned to Auradon to meet Mal and his soon to be son-in-law, Ben.

Hades later attended Mal and Ben's wedding after redeeming himself and was happy to see his daughter with someone she loves. Despite his villainous background, Hades cares for Mal and wishes only the best for her, his presence is greatly appreciated by Mal who is thankful that one of her parents is there for her.


(Son-in-law) Despite not appearing too pleased with Ben, Hades still believes Ben was a good choice for Mal.



Sometime after leaving Maleficent, Hades got with another woman and fathered Hadie.



When Hades was young, he attended Merlin Academy along with Maleficent, his then girlfriend, the two were members of Uliana's group. After graduating, they later stayed together and married, the two became the parents of Mal until Hades left his family for another woman.

Pain and Panic[]

Pain and Panic are the minions of Hades where they act upon every command given to them , Hades considers them incompetent and useless as the two often messed up in Hades' plans such as failing to turn Hercules fully mortal and kill him. On the Isle of the Lost, the two act as bodyguards for their boss on the day of Mal's wedding.


Hades and Uliana first met at the Merlin Academy. At some point they became friends and Hades joined her gang.

Captain Hook[]

Hades and Hook first met at the Merlin Academy. They were both members of Uliana's Gang.