Harriet Hook is the eldest daughter of Captain Hook and older sister of Harry & CJ Hook. She was introduced in Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel. She had her pirate crew who are children of Captain Hook's pirate crew.

Background Information


Harriet is described to be sassy and mean-spirited. However, she seems to have a caring side for younger children, including her siblings. When Ginny Gothel asked Harriet if she was going to take a transfer application to Auradon Prep, she was hesitant, saying that on one hand, her sister CJ liked it there, but on the other hand, her brother Harry wouldn't leave without his crew. This may imply that Harriet usually takes her siblings into consideration when it comes to important decisions. When Harriet decided to grab a transfer form for herself, she also grabbed two more for the Smee twins, Squeaky and Squirmy, as she thought that they'd want to apply as well.

Physical Appearance

Harriet is described to have black hair.


Printed Materials

Isle of the Lost

Harriet is a student at Dragon Hall and she leads a gang of pirates in Dragon Hall. She attended the party at Hell Hall and danced with Anthony Tremaine.

Rise of the Isle of the Lost

Harriet is briefly mentioned as eldest daughter of Captain Hook and older sister to Harry Hook and CJ Hook.

Escape from the Isle of the Lost

Harriet bumped into Mal while walking through the bazaar. She asked Mal about the Auradon Prep roundtable meeting. She said that her sister CJ kept bugging her to go, but she had a big test with Queen of Hearts so she couldn't come. After a brief talk, Mal began walking away, but Harriet stopped her, reminding her that she was supposed to head to the opposite direction. Harriet probably left afterwards.

Some time later, when the transfer applications to Auradon Prep arrived to Dragon Hall, Harriet grabbed a form for herself, and two more for the Smee twins, whom she'd babysit that night.


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