Harriet Hook's Crew are the children of the crew of Captain Hook. They are led by Harriet Hook.

Printed Media

The Isle of the Lost

The crew appear throughout the novel. They are first mentioned when a young first-year finds himself in the path of Mal and Jay at school. He apologises to them and trips over his words only to have Mal tell him to get out of the way. He runs away and drops his hook as he does.

They next appear at Mal's Hellraiser at Hell Hall. They arrive at the party after Jay and the Gastons and positioned themselves ready to chase after the next group that arrive. After the Evil Step-Granddaughters arrive they begin to chase them along with the Gaston Twins.

When Mal arrives at the party, Sammy Smee holds an apple he bobbed in between his teeth questioningly waiting for her to come in.

Jay steals a glass eye from one of the pirates during the Hellraiser. When he presents it to his father, he cleans the lint off and comments on their lack of hygiene.


  • The crew is made up of children of all ages, ranging from 16-year-old Harriet to first-years at Dragon Hall.
  • Jay was asked to be a part of the crew continually for his skill in theft; however, he declined.