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Harold "Harry" Badun is the son of Horace Badun, one of Cruella De Vil's henchmen. He is best friends with his cousin Jace and is forced to be friends with his father's boss's son, Carlos De Vil. He debuts in the book The Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel. In the book Return to the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel, he is one of the members of the Anti-Heroes Club on the Isle of the Lost. In Beyond the Isle of the Lost: Wonderland: A Descendants Novel, it is seen that he and Jace are now living in Wonderland due to being trapped there after the Rabbit Hole was closed off.


The Isle of the Lost[]

He, along with his cousin Jace, help Carlos organize a party at home.

Return to the Isle of the Lost[]

He and Jace are seen by Mal and her friends acting suspiciously. After following them, they discover that they are members of the Anti-Heroes Club, being part of the VKs who do not want to be like their parents.

Beyond the Isle of the Lost: Wonderland[]

At some point, he and his brother Jace ended up trapped in the Bramble Bay area of ​​Wonderland after the exits through the Rabbit Holes were closed. There, they both began working at Bramble Bay Auto and Repair, and became friends with Dee.

When Red, Chester and Ace arrived in Bramble Bay, they took their car to Jace and Harry to have the paint fixed. While they worked, they talked to them about what the world was like outside of Wonderland, and commented that one day they want to get out of there, taking Dee with them.


  • His full name is Harold; this makes his full name Harold Badun with Harry as his primary nickname.
  • He is one out of the two characters in the Descendants franchises to have the name, Harry.
    • The second character is Captain Hook's son, Harry Hook.


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