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The "Honeymoon Cottage" is the royal home of Queen Aurora, King Phillip and their daughter Princess Audrey with it possibly also being home to Queen Leah and is located in South Riding, Auroria in Auradon.

Before the formation of Auradon[]

Shortly after Princess Aurora was returned to her parents, Queen Leah and King Stefan, King Hubert declared that his son and Aurora should have another home once they were married as he had the Minstrel, who was slightly drunk, show a scroll to Stefan that showed how he wanted the castle to look, Hubert then stated it would not be too elaborate but would instead have many bedrooms and include a dining room.


Honeymoon Cottage is described to be located near a forest with rose gardens nearby with topiaries in the form of animals. It is also seemingly located near Charming Castle.

Before Auradon, the castle was designed as a medium-sized castle with no other distinguished features other than that it was green and in front of another area.


  • It is possible that Honeymoon Cottage is a castle and Aurora's original home is a palace given that the difference is a castle is meant to be a temporary home and a palace is meant to appear extravagant and elaborate.