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Neon Lights Out Slumber Party
Ally Another VK in Auradon? Are you the piratey one... Do you have a hook?
Mal Wait a minute. All of the bad things that have been happening around here. It was all you?
CJ Oh, stop. You'll make a girl blush. Actually, I'm kind of offended that you didn't figure it out sooner.
Mal Where's Ben, CJ?
CJ Wave hi, Benny!
Mal Ben! Oh, my gosh!
CJ So, Malsy, what's first: storm the castle, take prisoners, maniacally laugh in people's faces? Oh, we're going to free the hostages. Interesting choice, but you and your mom have always thought outside the box.
Mal CJ, why would you do this?
CJ Well, why wouldn't I? We're villain kids. It's what we do. You really should lock your stuff away. Stealing that mascot uniform was like taking candy from a baby. And, Mal, framing you with the bracelet was just icing on the old cake. I tried ruining your party dresses, but it seems these 2 VKs have gone soft. They just had to... What is it you, Auradon kids, call it? Save the day. Oh, and let's not forget the no-shows. I gotta hand it to you, Little Miss Bibbidi-Bobbidi, over here. A pumpkin car? Not my thing, but you pulled it off. Stealing the carpet from you two was probably the most fun I've had yet!
Jay You stole the carpet? Nice! You know, maybe we can meet up after your hostile takeover. You can give me some pointers.
CJ Quiet. I'm soliloquizing. And then, the grandest of them all: cutting that DJ cord, so our little Freddie could have her moment in the spotlight. It was the least I could do as a thank-you for sneaking me into Auradon.
Mal Freddie?
Freddie Surprise!
Mal You've been hiding CJ this whole time?
Freddie I can explain!
CJ So can I. She was following orders. Freddie is my second-in-command.
Freddie Uh, no. We're partners.
CJ Exactly. I tell you what to do and you do it. Partners!
Freddie Excuse me? I spent my whole life livin' in my dad's shadow. I'm not gonna live in yours too.
CJ I get it. My dad never let me steer the ship either. But we don't have to be like our parents.
Mal Exactly! We make our own choices.
CJ We can veer starboard on the squall together!
Freddie Uh, translation?
CJ Partners? For reals!
Mal What?!
CJ We're gonna pillage and plunder together!
Mal Freddie, I thought we were friends.
Freddie We are friends.
Mal Then why are you pillaging and plundering me? Okay, that just sounds weird.
CJ Because her captain commands her to pillage and plunder.
Mal Still sounds weird.
Freddie Can we go back to you commanding me? That's not very partnerly-
CJ You're saying that like it's a bad thing.
Jane Because it is.
Freddie I know the AK's are lame..
Audrey Excuse me?!
Freddie ...but at least they don't go back on their word.
CJ I'm disappointed in you, Freddie. I thought you were badder than this. Looks like I'll have to be partner-less in crime. (Flies away on a magic carpet) So long, squarest of them all!
Freddie I'm sorry about that. I guess for being kinda lame... Auradon is kinda cool. Do you forgive me? Are we... still friends? If I didn't forgive every friend with a conniving stowaway, I wouldn't have any friends.
Audrey I don't think I'll ever understand you, people.
Jane Shouldn't we go after her?
Mal I don't know. Freddie, are there any other surprises we need to know about?
Freddie Not from me.
Mal Well, then. Let's go after her tomorrow. She may be a criminal, but the bigger crime is wasting this awesome neon lights party. And I think we may know a little bit about crime. Right, Evie?
Evie Right.
Mal Let's have a wicked good time! Group selfie!