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Iago is one of the henchmen to be imprisoned in the Isle of the Lost. He is Jafar's sidekick in Aladdin. He is now the father of some unnamed parrots and one of them is named Othello.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

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Iago 1992

Iago as he appears originally in Aladdin.

Iago serves as Jafar's pet parrot and assistant, helping him in his plans to take over Agrabah. Something that Iago especially wants to get revenge on the Sultan, who constantly makes him eat cookies even though he doesn't want to. When Jafar's plans to get the lamp from the Cave of Wonders fail, he advises him that what he can do is marry Princess Jasmine, an idea that pleases Jafar.

However, the plan is complicated by the arrival of Prince Ali Ababwa, who also wishes to marry the princess. But when Jafar sees that Prince Ali is actually Aladdin, the boy he tricked into getting the lamp, Jafar orders Iago to steal it, something Iago quickly accomplishes. Later, Jafar manages to take control of Agrabah after invoking the Genie, with Iago making the Sultan swallow cookies as he wished to do.

But when Aladdin returns to confront Jafar, the latter wishes to become a powerful genie in order to defeat him, but this wish causes Jafar to end up locked in a lamp, taking Iago with him inside. After that, the Genie throws the lamp as far as possible.

Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[]

He is one of the villains who were imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost, continuing to be Jafar's pet. He has lost his speech ability since he now talks like a regular parrot, although it is said that he also often insults Jafar by calling him "The Sultan" because he was beginning to gain weight like his former boss. It is also mentioned that he has a son named Othello, who is Evie's pet.


  • In Aladdin, Iago was originally meant to be a snobbish parrot with a British accent. However, to further the comedy, his character was changed drastically to what animator Will Finn calls "Gilbert Gottfried as a parrot".
  • Iago's dislike of crackers is actually accurate, as most parrots (especially macaws like himself) prefer to eat fruit, nuts and seeds.
  • Iago is the first villain in Disney history to lastingly reform in a production other than his debut film, becoming an ally of Aladdin in The Return of Jafar and later Aladdin-related media. This events being an alternative timeline to the Descendants Universe (focused on the canon of the first film).


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