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"If Only (Reprise)" is a reprise of the song "If Only" that Mal sings while she is making an anti-love potion for Ben because she doesn't want him loving her to be a distraction when the villains take over Auradon. As Mal unwillingly continues mixing together a brownie batter for the potion, she cries at realizing she had actually fallen in love with Ben.


A million thoughts in my head
Should I let my heart keep listening?
I know it's time to say goodbye
So hard to let go...



Dove Cameron - If Only (Reprise) (From "Descendants")



  • Mal cried for the first time in her life and added the tear of sadness in the brownie ingredients.
  • This is the shortest song of Descendants in its soundtrack up to date so far.
  • A third reprise of "If Only" was featured in as a deleted scene in the Descendants 2 film.
  • This also shows the second time Mal showed genuine guilt within the film as she started coming to terms with the fact that she really loves Ben.
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