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The Jack of Diamonds, otherwise known as just Jack of Diamonds is a character from the film Descendants: The Rise of Red. He is the captain in the Queen of Hearts' Crimson Army, whose soldiers wear military uniforms in the style of playing cards as a reference to their Queen. He is portrayed by Alex Boniello.


Not much is known about the Jack of Diamonds only that at some stage, he became a Captain.


Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

On the night that the disguised Princess Red vandalized the royal plaza, the Jack of Diamonds lead his team of guards throughout the area to capture the vandal only to be evaded. The following morning, he reported to his Queen outside of the incident only for the Queen to suggest to Red he endure punishment for allowing the elusive vandal to escape where upon hearing one potential punishment would be off with his head, he grew fearful as the queen allowed Red to administer the punishment instead. He would then watch as Red made her choice and removed his hat instead.

Red's poor choice then caused the Queen to threaten her daughter which caused Red to begin to think of a new punishment though upon the arrival of Maddox Hatter, the Jack of Diamonds was helped up by two soldiers and taken away from the scene.


Descendants: The Rise of Red[]




  • His name is a reference to the card of the same name.
  • His role as Captain may be due to the Jack card coming before the Queen card.


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