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Jadah Marie Johnson (born June 2, 2005) is an American actress who portrays the role as Celia Facilier in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants 3 as Dr. Facilier's daughter. Jadah Marie grew up in Fontana, California, and is the youngest of 9 siblings. Jadah's passion for acting and entertaining was apparent. She portrays Celia Facilier, one of the daughters of Dr. Facilier aka The Shadow Man, in the film Descendants 3.

Before acting, Jadah was a competitive cheerleader and a gymnast at the age of four managing to win three national titles as a flyer in cheer. A year before she starred in Descendants 3, she had a minor role in "Ready Player One". Amongst her siblings, she has twin brothers who are also in the acting business who are younger than their sister by a year.

Also in 2018, she created a Youtube channel on the 10th of August under her name, on the 2nd of September 2023, she posted a video stating she was dyeing her hair for the first time. Other videos include two music videos under the name "Staycation" another titled "Lifestyle" and another video called "The Chase" where she's with Keelie Walker.

Another video on her channel also reveals she attends college, the title of the video also states that it is her first time going school shopping