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  • "I'd rather be pretty. You've got great hair."
  • "Do my nose!"
  • "She doesn't use the wand anymore. She believes the real magic is in the books. And not the spell books, regular books with history and stuff."
  • "Well, of course she does. It's... It's just, you know, tough love. "Work on the inside, not the outside." You know, that sort of thing."
  • "Mom said, "If a boy can't see the beauty within, then he's not worth it." Can you believe it? What world does she live in?"
  • "I'll never get a boyfriend."
  • "What did I just do? Mom's gonna kill me!"
  • "Yeah. I mean, he's never gonna make a villain a queen."
  • "I guess I did get pretty lucky in the mother department."

"Audrey's New Do? New Don't!"[]

  • "That one looks nice."
  • "I don't know, Audrey. I kinda had learned it the hard way that it's not all about what you look like."
  • "I don't think they're so into their dark colored everything. They're so into their..."
  • "I don't have magic."
  • "I never really thought about it that way."
  • "For me she said: "new hair," but for Lonnie she said: "cool hair.""
  • "I don't know..."
  • "Beware forswear. Replace the old with... something really out there? Whoa. Whoa!"
  • "Definitely."
  • "It has edges."

"Careful What You Wish For"[]

  • "I'm so sorry. I didn't even know I could do magic! I can do magic!"
  • "I better go lie down."

"Mash It Up"[]

  • "But... where are ours?"
  • "That sounds mean."
  • "What about a garden pumpkin party? We could decorate everything with pumpkins! Bibbidi Bobbidi!"
  • "A Fighting Knights party!"

"All Hail the New Q.N.L.B."[]

  • "Guys! My mascot uniform is gone!"
  • "Because your bracelet was in my room!"
  • "You must have dropped it when you stole my uniform."
  • "Maybe you thought it wasn't fashion-forward or something?"
  • "Ouch!
  • "I guess you're right."

"Mad for Tea"[]

  • "Is someone hurt?"
  • "You know what? I think it's cool too."
  • "Even the Queen of Hearts herself would be jealous of that number."

"Carpet Jacked"[]

  • "Oh, I-I don't know if I can do..."
  • "Uh, well, I'm really very new to this whole magic thing. Uh... Bibbidi bobbidi! Whoa."
  • "Well, it's a gourd."
  • "It's not a flying pumpkin!"
  • "It's not a boat."
  • "No!"
  • "No!"
  • "Thank you! Like Cindy's pumpkin carriage, a legend to us all... an even sweeter ride shall take us to the Neon Lights Ball!"
  • "Nope. All clear. And it's green. Runs on vegetable oil!"
  • "Aw, it's nothing. Just bending the laws of the universe, by my mother's forbiddance!"

"The Night is Young"[]

  • "Shade?"
  • "I know what it means. I just wanted to see if you did."
  • "Or... maybe she wanted the spotlight?"

"Neon Lights Out"[]

  • "Found what?"
  • "That's me."
  • "Uh, yeah. 'Cause this is a formal night. And besides, how could I be in my mascot uniform? It was stolen, remember?"

"Hooked On Ben"[]

  • "Because it is."
  • "Shouldn't we go after her?"

"Slumber Party"[]

  • "Neon Lights Ball rules!"
  • "She doesn't know!"

"Odd Mal Out"[]

  • "Once we showed we were good. No grades. It's pass/fail."
  • "Oops! I bibbidied the tea. It was supposed to be a surprise. To give us a healthy glow!"

"Wild Rehearsal"[]

  • "So, like this?"
  • "Is this still part of the routine?"
  • "If she's still evil, then I'm still plain."

"Chemical Reaction"[]

  • "Creating rainbow nail polish is cool, but- Is this a school sanctioned experiment?"
  • "They're gone! And so are the coagulants."
  • "I don't get it. Everyone in Auradon is so good. Who would do this?"
  • "Yeah, I was about to use the same words. Snap, harsh. Absolutely."
  • "Pretty."
  • "I love this dress."
  • "I love this."

"Talking Heads"[]

  • "Voices our she's bewitched!"
  • "Sorry, so I'm!"
  • "What is going on?"
  • "This is bad. This is really bad."

"Steal Away"[]

  • "No, no, no! Huh? I gotta go tell the others."
  • "I followed you. I saw you there!"

"Evil Among Us"[]

  • "Hurry! If we're late, Audrey'll smash us like pumpkins! Look!"
  • "He's reaching into the throne room!"
  • "Hey, where'd he go?!"
  • "What? Who is it?"

"Options Are Shrinking"[]

  • "Zevon?"
  • "Audrey was right. Mal was behind all this!"
  • "Try running backwards!"

"Party Crasher"[]

  • "Help! Somebody help us!"


  • "I just can't believe we're missing the Jewel-bilee. Do you know how hard it was to find a belt that matches my Jewel."
  • "Yes, there is a way. Jay, get that table. Freddie, bring those chairs. My magic may not be very reliable-"
  • "But at least I can try! Take these pillows and these chairs, turn them into floating stairs."
  • "Huh?"
  • "What?"
  • "If that's the best we can do? We're all doomed!"

  • "Mom, I have a date."

  • "Hmmm its Enchanted Lake water, I guess it can only do so much"

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