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Sultana Jasmine is one of the heroes, originating from the 1992 Disney animated film Aladdin. She appears Descendants: The Rise of Red. She is Aladdin's wife and the mother of Aziz.

In Descendants: The Rise of Red, the adult version of Jasmine is portrayed by Shazia Pascal while her younger self is portrayed by Aiza Azaar.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

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Jasmine in Aladdin

Jasmine as she appears originally in Aladdin.

Jasmine is the princess of Agrabah, who lives sadly locked within the walls of the palace, and whose father wants her to marry a prince soon. One night, she escapes to visit the city, and meets a boy named Aladdin, who ends up captured by the guards, and she discovers that he has been sentenced to death.

Time later, Prince Ali Ababwa arrives at the palace, whom Jasmine rejects as a suitor, but after being with him, she discovers that he is the boy she met in the Agrabah bazaar, and he lies to her saying it was a cover. The next day, Grand Vizier Jafar, after obtaining the Genie's magic lamp, reveals Aladdin's true identity, and takes control of Agrabah, enslaving Jasmine and her father.

Later, Aladdin returns and confronts Jafar, and after the latter wished to become a genie to defeat him, he ends up locked in a lamp. Because of Aladdin's worth, the Sultan allows Jasmine to marry whoever she loves, whether a prince or not, whereupon she ends up happily engaged to Aladdin.



Jasmine and Aladdin can be seen at Ben's coronation

Descendants 2[]

Jasmine, alongside with Aladdin make cameos when the film started. During the news, it showed them having dinner with Mal and Ben.

Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

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Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

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Behind the scenes[]


  • She is the first and so far the only Disney Princess to be the deuteragonist in her debut film.
  • She is 15 years old in her debut.
  • Although the exact date is not clear, Jasmine's birthday is in late January or early February. This is because when Aladdin and Jasmine fly on the magic carpet, Chinese New Year is being celebrated over in China. This holiday can fall anywhere from January 21 to February 20.
  • Jasmine was the first Disney Princess to be voiced by two actresses, Linda Larkin providing her speaking voice, and Lea Salonga providing her singing voice.
  • She is the only Disney princess to kiss the opposing villain, Jafar.
  • Jasmine is loosely based on Princess Badroulbadour (Arabic بدر البدور, badru l-budūr, "full moon of full moons") featured in the story of "Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp" from "One Thousand and One Nights". In the original fairy tale of Aladdin, the princess' name was Badroulbadour.
  • "Jasmine" is a Persian name for a beautiful flower that Persians call "yas" or "yasamin".
  • If you look harder on the scene of Ben's coronation, in the first film, behind the Fairy Godmother's wand container you can see Jasmine and Aladdin in the back crowd.
  • She has the same singing voice as Mulan, provided by Lea Salonga.
  • Jasmine's outfit has been a subject of controversy; some claim that it undermines her feminist characterization and reinforces orientalism, while others say that her outfit empowers her with sexual liberation and that the character being in control of her sexuality does not objectify her, but rather reinforces her womanhood, something that's rare among fairy tale princesses.
  • Jasmine was the first Disney Princess not to wear a dress, but pants. Being the second Raya. (Mulan only wears pants in her warrior guise).
  • Jasmine was the first Disney Princess to be voiced by two actresses, Linda Larkin providing her speaking voice, and Lea Salonga providing her singing voice.
  • She is, together with Ariel, the princess who has the most number of appearances at Disney media, seeing she appeared at four movies and one TV series, without counting she made cameos at the TV series Hercules, House of Mouse and Sofia the First.
  • One of the Disney Princess magazines has a story about two of Jasmine's cousins named Farah and Nadine. Whether they are considered canon is unknown.
  • Jasmine's wedding dress in Aladdin and the King of Thieves was modeled after her mother's wedding dress.



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