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A Berkeley-born daughter of Chinese-Malaysian and Vietnamese heritage, Jennifer Phang is a graduate of the MFA Directing program at the American Film Institute.

She was revealed to direct Rise of Red, a spin-off to the Descendants franchise but also the fourth instalment which would be released on Disney+ rather than the standard release on the Disney Channel like the original trilogy.


Jennifer Phang is an award-winning director, creating impactful films with breath-taking visuals. Jennifer's strength as a director lies in her distinct visual language that tackles complicated topics with a diverse perspective, rooted in her upbringing in Berkeley with a Chinese-Malaysian and Vietnamese background and subsequent MFA in directing from the American Film Institute. Jennifer made her mark as a filmmaker by bringing poignant drama to fantastical realities, from independent feature films to prestige television for studios including Disney, Marvel, Amazon, Warner Brothers and Universal.

Phang's first feature Half-Life -- a magic-real family drama -- premiered at Sundance. Her sophomore feature, Advantageous, won a Sundance Dramatic Jury Prize and was acquired by Netflix for an exclusive worldwide streaming deal The sci-fi mother-daughter drama garnered both cult and critical acclaim, garnering on several "Best Of" lists, including one of the Best 15 Sci-Fi Films on Netflix and was featured in the LA Times as one of "The 20 Best Asian American films of the last 20 years."