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"Imagine Cinderella's Ball, the Festival of Fools, and the Mad Hatter's tea party all mixed together, times six"-Ally

The Jewel-bilee is a ceremony where the AKs, then VKs, are presented with their own Birthright Jewels once they show and pure their goodness, without the worry of their grades. It is the main plot of season 2 of Descendants: Wicked World.



  • "Slumber Party": Audrey mentions that the Jewel-bilee is just around the corner. Mal asks if she's going to the Jewel-bilee upon hearing it, and the AKs are shocked that she doesn't know.
  • "Odd Mal Out": the AKs describe the ceremony as a dignified ceremony they were given their birthright jewels once they showed they were good. As for the VKs jewels, they had been confiscated and Auradon will bestow them with a magical ceremony.
  • "Pair of Sneakers": Mal sneaks back into the Isle in attempt to find her jewel so she can attend like the rest of her friends.
  • "Wild Rehearsal": Audrey mentions that she has been preparing for her dance routine for the ceremony.
  • "Talking Heads": Audrey banishes Mal from participating in the Jewel-bilee, since her evil was just a "lie".
  • "Steal Away":
  • "Evil Among Us":
  • "Options Are Shrinking":
  • "Party Crasher":
  • "Mal-lone":
  • "Trapped":
  • "Face to Face":
  • "United We Stand":
  • "Celebration":