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King Arthur Pendragon is the king of Camelot Heights and one of the heroes of Auradon. King Arthur, also nicknamed Wart, is the main protagonist of the 1953 animated film The Sword in the Stone. He is also the father of Artie.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

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Arthur, commonly known as Wart, is a pre-teen orphan who, after meeting a powerful wizard named Merlin, the old wizard offers to be his tutor, because he senses that he will be someone important in the future. Merlin uses his magic to show Wart different lessons about life. However, when Wart shows enthusiasm for becoming a squire, Merlin becomes enraged, causing the wizard to leave. But finally, after Wart extracts the famous Sword in the Stone, he is named king, becoming known to everyone as King Arthur. But the pressure of being king leads the boy to call Merlin. The wizard, happy that Arthur has become someone who will go down in history, stays by his side during his reign.

Return to the Isle of the Lost[]

It is mentioned that unlike the other kings in the United States of Auradon, Arthur dislikes the evolving technology of Auradon, leaving Camelot Heights in the Middle Ages (400 AD-1500 AD) by relying heavily on magic. It is also revealed that he has a son, Artie.


  • He is the first Disney character to be voiced by three different people in the same film due to Rickie Sorensen entering puberty during recording, and because it being to late to find a new voice to re-record all lines, Wolfgang Reitherman casted his sons in the role.
  • His surname "Pendragon" is considered canon [1]