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King Charming is a character from the 1950 animated film Cinderella. He cameos in Descendants and Descendants 2 before making an actual appearance in Descendants: The Rise of Red. He is the husband of Cinderella and the father of Chad and Chloe Charming, as well as the king of Cinderellasburg.

In The Rise of Red, he is portrayed by Paolo Montalban, whereas his younger self is portrayed by Tristan Padil.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

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Upon returning home, The King had a ball held for his son so that he could become engaged, The Prince stood as the maidens of the kingdom were presented to him though he was not interested in any of them until he notice Cinderella in the far back of the ballroom, he made himself known to her as the two danced. As midnight struck, Cinderella insisted she had to leave as the Prince wondered what her name was though Cinderella left before she could answer, leaving behind a glass slipper, the Prince then declared he would marry the girl whose foot fit the slipper, after the Grand Duke later found that the slipper fit Cinderella, the latter was married to The Prince.


He attended Prince Ben's coronation with his wife and watched as Mal took the wand from Jane.

Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

He initially appears practicing sword fighting with his daughter Chloe. After Cinderella arrives, they both dance together while singing "So This Is Love", telling their daughter that it is the song that was playing when they fell in love. He later says goodbye to his wife and daughter when they leave for Auradon Prep, because he promised to visit Chad at college to support him in his competition.

After Chloe travels back in time with Red, they find the young Prince Charming skateboarding at Merlin Academy. Prince Charming asks Ella if she has plans for the next ball, but she says she is not interested in going.

Time later, when Red uses her Looking Glass to see how things are in the future, she and Chloe see King Charming demanding to know where his wife was after the Queen of Hearts had dealt with her.


Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

King Charming[]


Prince Charming[]

Group Songs



  • He is the second character to sing more than he talks in his debut. The first was The Prince and the third was King Louie.
  • Doug hints in Descendants that King Charming's name is possibly Chad since Doug refers to Chad as "Prince Charming. Jr"
  • In other languages the term "Prince Charming" is called the "Blue Prince", like Spanish ("Príncipe Azul") and Italian ("Principe Azzurro"), as a reference to the blue blood associated with royalty; with this, the translation of "Blue" being his family's surname in said languages instead of Charming. Interestingly, blue is the color that represents his family in Descendants, being the color his children and his wife wear, and the hair color of his wife and daughter.
  • In some media King Charming's mother passed away before the events of Cinderella but in Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella, King Charming's mother is alive and her name is Queen Constantina who is portrayed by Whoopi Goldberg who would go on to voice Ursula in Descendants 2.



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