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Kylie Lorena Cantrall, also known as Hello Kylie, is an American actress and singer. She started her career as a YouTuber, posting videos of herself singing and garnered a large fanbase. She started to appear in other videos before her acting career took off, due to Disney given that she has starred in many productions by the company.

She appeared as Tessa in Bizaardvark, Jasmine Sleevemore in Raven's Home, Zombie Musical Performer in Just Roll With It, Olivia in Doogie Kameāloha, M.D., and Gabby Duran in Gabby Duran & the Unsittables. She also voiced Savannah Meades in Ron's Gone Wrong and stars as Red in Descendants: The Rise of Red.

Before filming The Rise of Red, Kylie alongside Dara Reneé , starred together in the Disney Plus series High School Musical The Musical The Series with Cantrall as Dani.

She and Dara also appeared in the Remix Dance Party alongside Cheyenne Jackson, in said Remix party, she sang What's My Name with young rapper singer ZaZa

Early Life[]

Kylie Lorena Cantrall was born on June 25, 2005 in Tarzana, California and was raised by Carol Bojas and Alex Cantrall. She is of Venezuelan descent on her mother's side.

Other media[]

According to IMDb, Kylie first appeared in a 2014 music video titled "Fitzy small: Hamburger Fries and Shake". In an episode of Bizaardvark, she was credited as "Hello Kylie" and in the same year, she appeared in 3 episodes of "Raven's home" as Jasmine. In 2020, she starred in Gabby Duran and the Unsittables: Babysitting 101 for 4 episodes as the main character Gabby Duran, She would then voice Savannah in 2021s "Ron's Gone Wrong". Kyle would then reprise her role as Gabby Duran In Gabby Duran and the unsittables in 2019 up until 2021 where she played the character for 41 episodes, as of recently, she played Dani in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series for 6 episodes in 2023.