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Lady Tremaine, also referred to as the "Evil Stepmother", is the main antagonist of the 1950 animated film Cinderella. Due to her crimes of abuse and neglect towards her step-daughter Cinderella, she was imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost alongside her daughters, Anastasia and Drizella Tremaine. She is also the grandmother of Anthony and Dizzy Tremaine, among other granddaughters.

She made her debut in The Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel prior to having a minor voice cameo in Descendants 2 and making her physical appearance in a minor role Descendants 3, later also appearing as a minor antagonist in Descendants: The Rise of Red. She is also the teacher of Evil Schemes and Nasty Plots at Dragon Hall and the owner of the Curl Up & Dye salon.

She is portrayed by Linda Ko in Descendants 3 and by Julee Cerda in The Rise of Red.

Background information[]


In her youth, Lady Tremaine had light skin, black hair with red streaks that was curled up, she wore orange and purple eyeshadow and accessorised with two golden earrings and pink lipstick.

Prior to being sentenced to the Isle, her hair became grey with lighter streaks and she wore a plain red dress that had puffed sleeves with a pink undershirt that had a collar with frills with the sleeves appearing pink, she wore jade earrings with a matching pendant attached to her dress.

On the Isle, her hair became darker yet her outfit similar to what it did before her banishment with the undershirt instead appearing purple rather than pink with the only main difference being it splitting in the middle to reveal matching crimson pants.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

      Further information: Cinderella (film)

Lady Tremaine in Cinderella

Lady Tremaine as she appears originally in Cinderella.

Lady Tremaine once married an unnamed man with whom she mothered two daughters, Anastasia and Drizella, when her husband died, she re-married another rich and noble man who had also had a daughter, a young girl named Ella, when he died, she and her daughters revealed their true selves to Ella going far enough as to treat the girl as their own maid and calling her Cinderella, Tremaine began spending all the inheritance on herself and her own daughters leaving none for her step-daughter.

On the day that The King declared a ball that ordered all maidens within the kingdom to attend so that they could be possible love interests for Prince Charming, Tremaine promised Cinderella she could attend so long as her chores were done, after seeing Cinderella with a newly repaired dress and with her chores completed, Tremaine allowed her daughters to ruin the dress so that Cinderella could not attend the ball.

At the ball, Prince Charming instead began dancing with another woman, unknown to the Tremaine family, was Cinderella. At home, Lady Tremaine eventually discovered that it was her step-daughter at the ball and locked her away, when The Grand Duke arrived at the house to see if the glass slipper fit Anastasia and Drizella which it did not, Lady Tremaine then insisted there were no others in the house but then saw Cinderella run down the stairs to which Tremaine attempted to insist the duke that the girl was nothing more than a maid only for the Grand Duke to insist himself that the orders were for every maiden. Not wanting the slipper to fit her step-daughter, Tremaine tripped the Herald which caused the glass slipper to shatter only for Cinderella to reveal she had the remaining one much to Tremaine's horror

Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[]

For her crimes, she was then imprisoned on the Isle and eventually became a grandmother when her daughters became mothers, one of her grandchildren is named Anthony Tremaine, she is a teacher at Dragon Hall where Lucifer, her cat, is a mascot.

Descendants 2[]

Lady Tremaine then yelled at Dizzy when the latter became erratic.

Descendants 3[]

After Dizzy was accepted to Auradon, Tremaine gave her granddaughter a glue gun and gave an awkward hug to Dizzy, she stands by Dr. Facilier and Mr. Smee when the barrier between the Isle and Auradon is taken down.

Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

After Chloe and Red found themselves back in time, they eventually went to speak with Ella after meeting her in Alchemy class. Upon discovering that Ella had opened the door, Lady Tremaine called from an above window demanding to know who was there as Ella answered the two were from school, Lady Tremaine then ordered her step-daughter to finish her chores. When Red and Chloe then began helping Ella clean up, Chloe accidentally caused a vase to fall and break which caught the attention of Tremaine who reprimanded Ella though Chloe attempted to defend the young girl by admitting it was her fault though Tremaine did not accept Chloe's apology and instead grounded Ella then claimed she would sleep in the barn that night.


  • She and Maleficent share the same voice actress, this being Eleanor Audley.
  • She is the third Disney villain to be called a monster. The first and second were Honest John and Gideon, the fourth was Ursula, and the fifth was Gaston.
  • Lady Tremaine's crimes were
    • Child Abuse in the first degree (Cinderella)
    • Unlawful Imprisonment in the first degree (Cinderella)
    • Possible Murder (Cinderella's Father)
    • Destruction of personal property (The Glass Slipper)
  • Tremaine is the second evil parent figure in a Disney film, after the Evil Queen, but before Claude Frollo and Mother Gothel.
  • Like Ursula in the second film, she was not seen in person and only her voice was heard, however unlike Ursula, Tremaine made an appearance in the following instalment.
  • There is a common theory that she killed Cinderella's father to inherit his fortune.



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