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LeFou is among the villains imprisoned in the Isle of the Lost. He has a son named LeFou Deux.

Before the Isle of the Lost

Beauty and the Beast

LeFou is the loyal henchman to the hunter Gaston. He then helped Gaston when he killed a goose and then helped him with all the dead animals that Gaston has killed so far. When Belle hears an explosion at her house, Gaston and LeFou realize its Maurice who everybody thinks he a lunatic and laugh at his mistake. When Gaston was going to propose to Belle, he tells LeFou to play the band when Gaston leaves the house and comes back with Belle. After Gaston gets rejected, he tells LeFou, "I'll have Belle as my wife, make no mistake about That!" When they returned to the bar, LeFou tells Gaston that he needs to pull himself together and tells him that there's no one like him (Gaston). When Maurice tells Gaston and everybody at the bar that there was a Beast in the castle, everybody thought it was a joke and after he was kicked out of the bar, Gaston tells LeFou that he has a plan for Belle and Maurice. They later call Monsieur De Arque that if Belle doesn't accept the love of Gaston, he will arrest Maurice to the Asylum of Loons. Gaston then puts LeFou in charge to stay at Belle and Maurice house and to don't move until they come back. Months later, he later realizes that Belle and Maurice return house and LeFou tells Gaston and the mob. When Belle shows the people the beast in the mirror, LeFou, Gaston and the mob later attack the castle and kill the beast. During the fight, LeFou is defeated by Cogsworth, and when the mob is being frightened by the objects, LeFou and the mob ran from fear and abandoning Gaston.