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Li Shang is one of the heroes of Auradon, being originary from the 1998 animated film Mulan. He is the husband of Fa Mulan and the father of Lonnie and Li'l Shang. He teaches at the Imperial Academy.

Background Information[]


Shang is serious, thoughtful, sometimes over-analytical, and short-tempered, but ultimately a good leader. He is fair and loyal. In non-military situations, he can be socially awkward.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

      Further information: Mulan (film)

Li Shang in Mulan

Li Shang as he appears originally in Mulan.

Li Shang is captain of an army that he trains to fight against the Huns. When his platoon confronts them on a mountain, one of the soldiers, Ping, causes an avalanche to defeat the Huns, for which Shang thanks him, since he saved his life when he was about to be attacked by Shan. Yu. But later, when it is discovered that Ping is really a woman, Fa Mulan, Shang expels her from the army.

Later, when he and the soldiers go to be honored by the Emperor, Mulan tries to warn them that Shan Yu and his men are still alive, but Shang does not want to believe her. Because of this, they are ambushed by the Huns, who kidnap the Emperor. After that, Shang and his soldiers help Mulan save him, until they finally defeat Shan Yu.

Some time later, Shang visits Mulan's house to return her father's helmet, to which Mulan invites him to dinner, with Shang happily accepting.


Li Shang and Mulan are married, and together, they have two children, a son and a daughter named Li'l Shang and Lonnie, respectively

In the film, he appears in Ben's coronation along with his wife Mulan. He is also one of the heroes to have an image in the Auradon Cathedral.



  • Li Shang is possibly ambidextrous. He tends to do a lot with his left hand as well as his right.
  • His name in the Mandarin version of Mulan is Xiang (to soar), which is pronounced similarly to "Shang."


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