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The Long Haired Princess is the unnamed daughter of Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert, as well as the sister of Ruby. She is a recurring character in the School of Secrets series.


School of Secrets[]

In "Day 13: Sub-Text", she talks to Ariel's niece saying that her guy cancelled a date with her again because he has to take his grandmother's dog to the vet. She complains saying that she doesn't want to wait like her mother did while locked in a tower. Ariel's niece, on her part, says that her boy wants to hang out with her on Friday, so the Long Haired Princess tells her that she is a lucky girl. They both continue talking about their boys, until they finally discover that they are both referring to Chad Charming, who was dating both of them at the same time, causing the girls to become angry.

In "Day 15: Pranks", she begins to take her study material and her cell phone out of her backpack and place them on the table, but because of a prank by the Secret Blogger, her things end up stuck on the table, and she can't pick them up. After receiving a call on her cell phone, she puts her head to the table to talk, which causes her hair to also end up stuck to the table. After asking for help and ending up surrounded by several students, a girl ends up cutting her hair in order to free her.

In "Day 18: Tea Time", she meets with Audrey and two other girls for a tea snack, with one of them mentioning that her hair looks good on her the way it is now (after her incident with the table), to which the Long Haired Princess replies that she doesn't want to talk about it. When Audrey comments that Ben canceled their date because of his royal decrees, the Long Haired Princess comments that perhaps because of his duties as king he can now spend more time with the Villain Kids than with her. After that, she continues listening to the conversation between her friends about Ben, until one of them spills the tea on the table by accident, surprising the Long Haired Princess.

In "Day 21: Comments", among the comments that the Secret Blogger receives on her videos there is one that says "She ruined my hair!", obviously from the Long Haired Princess after what happened to her because of her prank.