We ride with the tide!
―The crew's battle cry.

The Lost Revenge is the name of pirate ship that Uma and her crew owned. It served as headquarters for the pirate crew and also the main location for the music number It's Goin' Down.


The Lost Revenge was an old pirate ship. When Uma won the ship, it was in a very poor condition. Uma then ordered Harry to inspect the ship carefully and repair all the holes.

It had three masts: the foremast, the main mast and the mizzen mast, each had three sails, seemingly all square-rigged.

At the end of Rise of the Isle of the Lost, the ship was teared in half after the storm and it remained as shipwreck docked next to Ursula's Fish and Chips. Despite being beyond repair, the ship still served as headquarters to Uma and her pirate crew.


Printed Materials

Rise of the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel

Uma acquired the Lost Revenge by winning a pirate race held by Captain Hook. Her plan was to use the ship to find King Triton's Trident and trade the trident for getting off of the Isle of the Lost. Her first mate for the crew is Harry Hook, who actually knew more about the ship than she did. Since the Lost Revenge was significantly damaged when she won it, Harry helped fix it up. After that, Uma recruited other Villain Kids to be part of her crew. The muscle for the crew was Gil, the youngest son of Gaston. Other members were Desiree, Bonny, Jonas, Gonzo and some unnamed members. In the end, Uma failed to acquire the trident and enough damage was done to the ship that it would never sail again.


Descendants 2

The remaining of the wrecked ship served as headquarter for Lost Revenge's Crew and also where they held Ben captive.


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