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Lucifer is Lady Tremaine's cat and one of the villains imprisoned in the Isle of the Lost. He is the father of a few kittens, including Beelzebub. He is also known as Dragon Hall's animal mascot.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

      Further information: Cinderella (film)

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Lucifer as he appears originally in Cinderella.

Lucifer is Lady Tremaine's cat, he sleeps in her room on his own bed and is fed first by Cinderella, he follows through with his feline urges and attempts to capture the mice as well as cause other issues such as framing Bruno the dog for apparently attacking him, later on, he left the music room only to dirty the main entrance floor despite it already being cleaned moments prior to Cinderella.

Lucifer was later scared out of a window and down onto the yard by Bruno when the mice went to free Cinderella who had been locked away in her room.

The Isle of the Lost[]

Lucifer is one of the villains imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost. He is also the mascot of Dragon Hall. He has had numerous litters of kittens and one of them is owned by Carlos De Vil, whom he named Beelzebub.



  • His name, Lucifer, is one of the names for the devil.