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Luke Roessler is a Canadian actor. He portrayed Squirmy Smee, one of the sons of Mr. Smee, in the movie Descendants 3. He also portrayed a younger Prince Charming in Disney and ABC's series, 'Once Upon A Time'. interestingly enough, his co-star Anna Cathcart also appeared in the show however Roessler played young Prince Charming.

His alternative surname is Rossier. According to IMDB, his first acting role was in one episode of 2015's "Hell on Wheels" where he portrayed Willam Bohannon. As of recently, he starred in 30 episodes of "Dead to me" during its run in 2019-2022 where he played Henry Harding. He also played a young boy in IT: Chapter 2 in 2019, the same year he played Squirmy Smee.