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Mad Maddy is one of the granddaughters of Madam Mim. She and Mal were best friends in their childhoods but were drawn apart as they grew up. She is introduced in Return to the Isle of the Lost and reappears in the Escape from the Isle of the Lost.

Physical Appearance

Mad Maddy had purple hair but before Mal ruined it with lye which forced her hair to be aqua green as Mal felt like she should be the only purple hair girl on the Isle. Maddy is noted to have aqua green eyes. She mostly wears dark pink and black clothing. Her outfit in the graphic novel is a pink shirt paired with a pink skirt. She wears a dark pink sleeveless leather jacket, blackish-pink legging, and pink combat boots. Her accessories include a choker and black fingerless gloves.

Printed Material

Return to the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel

Maddy runs into Mal when she returns to Maleficent's ruined apartment. She tells Mal about Maleficent's apartment being ransacked and how everyone had stolen or destroyed Maleficent's belongings. They leave the apartment and go to the Slop Shop to get some "Slop-Shop Specials" and run into Carlos and Evie. Immediately Maddy and Evie are unknown to one another and Evie takes a disliking to the witch. She refuses to tell them anything about the Anti-Hero meeting and leaves them.

She is next seen by Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos going into the Evil Queen's cellar to attend the Anti-Heroes meeting along with several other villain kids. When the gang sneaks into the cellar behind them, she surprises them with cake.

She leaves the meeting early and lures Mal (and unknowingly Evie) away from the Anti-Heroes. She leads her down to the Rickety Bridge where her allied VKs are waiting in hiding. She tells Mal that she received a letter from an anonymous source saying that the missing Evil Queen, Cruella De Vil, and Jafar would return to Doom Cove after midnight from the Catacombs beneath the island.

However, it is revealed to be a lie. Maddy lured Mal to be attacked by her gang of friends who believe the Anti-Heroes club is a futile attempt. They accept their lot in life and refuse to believe they can be good. Maddy was a part of the Anti-Heroes club as a spy for her comrades. She tells Mal that she hated her all along and that she was always planning to destroy her ever since she came back to the island. With help from Ginny Gothel, she pushes Mal into the waters surrounding the Isle and leaves her there to be eaten by the crocodiles. But when Evie, Jay, and Carlos come to save Mal she flees from the bridge and tells them they will burn like Camelot.

Escape from the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel

Mal, Jay, Carlos and Evie visit former teachers Lady Tremaine, Gaston, Madam Mim, and Mother Gothel respectively; they ask them to inform students about the VK program playing on their weaknesses to get cooperation. Unfortunately, the only ones who show up for the presentation are the irredeemable, her, Anthony Tremaine, and Ginny Gothel; the cowardly LeFou Deux was forced to come. To the VK's frustration, the kids all fell asleep during the slideshow about Auradon Prep. After learning that magic is discouraged and regulated, the villain kids ask about embezzlement, poison and revenge; however, these are not allowed in Auradon. They leave, severely dissatisfied.

Powers & Abilities

Maddy, being the granddaughter of Madam Mim, possesses the following powers:

  • Magic: Descended from her grandmother, Maddy has the ability to manipulate supernatural forces in order to achieve any effect they desire, she is skilled in mischief magic.
    • Spell Casting: Maddy has the ability to change and control events through the use of incantations and recitations, including teleportation, to transforming people into objects, starting fires, summoning ghosts, and resurrecting deceased people.
    • Potion Making: Maddy has the ability to is able to brew and concoct paranormal potions with supernatural effects in a cauldron.


  • She and Mal were former best-friends and were considered "twins" because their hair color matched. However, after Mal poured the dye into her hair and destroyed her dolls she began to grow to hate the girl.
  • She probably possesses her grandmother's magical abilities as she was transferred to the Witch School on the Isle.