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All Hail the New Q.N.L.B. Carpet Jacked
Jordan Normally I prefer more of a cramped lampshade environment, but this place is also a fave.
Ally Aw, Thanks.
Mal Wicked dress! You're gonna look so great tonight.
Ally Oh, so are you. I'm sure your dress will be amazing.
Mal This is my dress.
Ally I know! And I... love it!
Jordan Nice one. She totally didn't get that you don't love it.
Mal Has anyone ever told you that you're a really bad whisperer?
Jordan No. They totally haven't.
Audrey Guys, guys! Emergency!
Jane Is someone hurt?
Audrey No!
Freddie Ooh, is someone really hurt?
Audrey No!
Jordan Oh, my webseries broke 1 million subscribers?
Audrey How would that be an emergency?
Jordan Oh, is there an emergency?
Audrey Somebody stole my dress!
Evie It's okay. Everyone just calm down. This is why I always bring a back-up gown. And back-up accessories.
Audrey Hmm, do you have anything a little less... puncture-prone?
Evie And back-up de-accessories!
Audrey You know, for a VK look, it's actually pretty cute. I'm sold! Ta-da!
Evie Wow, how did you change so fast? Seriously, one second you're wearing one dress and then you're wearing the other. It was like... right out of a cartoon.
Audrey My mom was raised by fairies. Quick outfit changes is a family skill. When I was a baby, I could change my own diaper in two seconds flat.
Mal Thank you for that visual.
Audrey Thank you, Evie. You're a life-saver.
Evie Aw, I've been called worse.
All Aw, that's so sweet. That's so sweet.
Ally This deserves a celebration. Tea me. Oh, my dress!
Freddie Don't look at me. I'm not the one that always makes a mess of everything.
Ally You, you did this!
Mal What? No, of course, not! Why would I do that? I-I love your dress.
Ally That's why you destroyed it. You're jealous. You VKs can't stand it if someone looks better than you.
Evie She has a point.
Mal No, she doesn't. Ally, I swear I didn't do this. But I promise I can fix it. I think. Dress, dress, away from this mess, rid this gown of it's distress. Okay, don't freak out! Yet. Dress, dress, I must express, make this gown a fit to impress!
Freddie Wait, I actually really like it.
Ally You do? You're just saying that.
Freddie No, I mean it. It's really... alternative.
Ally Alternative to what?
Evie She means it's very fashion-forward. If I didn't think I was already wearing the best dress, I'd be super-jelly. But I do, so I'm not.
Jane You know what? I think it's cool too.
Ally Really?
Jane Even the Queen of Hearts herself would be jealous of that number.
Jordan I would totally feature that on my web show. VK gone viral.
Ally It is kind of funky.
Mal Oh, yeah. Funky. That's what I was going for, you know, 'cause that's why they call me the funk master! The funk-monk of funky town.
Evie Quit while you're ahead.
Mal Good call.
Ally Well, I guess the roses aren't the only thing being painted red! I'll take it.
Audrey Hmm, "VKs gone viral"? Isn't it interesting that we both ended up with a little villain edge for our party look? Maybe a little too interesting.