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Madam Mim is the main antagonist of the 1963 animated film The Sword in the Stone, and of the Descendants novel, Return to the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel. She has several granddaughters, among them Mad Maddy.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

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Madam Mim

Madam Mim as she appears originally in The Sword in the Stone.

When Arthur, turned into a sparrow, accidentally falls down the chimney of Madam Mim's house, surprising the witch, she explains that Merlin turned him into a sparrow with his magic. Mim, seeing her relationship with her old rival Merlin, tries to finish him off, but Merlin appears at the right time to stop her.

With the arrival of her rival, Mim challenges him to a wizards' duel, in which both opponents transform into different animals to try to destroy each other. After several transformations, Mim transforms into a dragon, believing that she will be able to defeat the sorcerer, but Merlin transforms into a germ that makes Mim end up sick.

The Isle of the Lost[]

Madam Mim was introduced as one of the villains imprisoned in the Isle of the Lost and was revealed to have granddaughters of her own (before Mad Maddy was introduced).

Return to the Isle of the Lost[]

Madam Mim makes her official appearance near the end of the novel. She had found an underground tunnel that led to Auradon, and attacked Camelot Heights in dragon form. Many suspected it to be Maleficent until after much investigation.

Mal's team, Ben, Merlin, and Grumpy stumble across Madam Mim in the dwarf mines, where a battle commences until Ben turns the tide by pointing Excalibur to her chest. Merlin then sends her back the Isle of the Lost.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Dark Magic: While Madam Mim claims to surpass Merlin in power, she is actually no more than a pretentious, garden-variety hex. She is initially shown withering flowers and performing other minor tricks such as conjuring a broom.
    • Shapeshifting: The main ability she displays, however, is her shape-shifting skill. She is capable of transfiguring her face into that of a warty pig, as well as her full body into a slender and attractive woman. Her "Wizards' Duel" with Merlin further highlights her penchant for shape-shifting. On this occasion, she turns into a cat, a crocodile, a fox, a chicken, an elephant, a tiger, a snake and a rhino (all of which had purple hair, were colored pink and occasionally had purple stripes). She ends her little performance with the transformation into a menacing, grotesque purple dragon. Even in a state of immense sickness, she was able to transfigure herself back into a human.
      • Size Manipulation: She can also change her size, from as tall as a giant to the size of a mouse. She can also fly on a broomstick as she was shown to be able to fly on a broomstick when she shrunk herself.
    • Flight: Madam Mim can fly on a broomstick while standing up, showing she has good coordination.
    • Teleportation: Madam Mim can disappear and/or turn invisible, in order to sneak up on an enemy.
  • Peak-Human Durability: Madam Mim's skull can withstand a large rock crushing it. She also survived contracting a lethal disease from Merlin's transfiguration into a germ.
  • Pathological Indomitable Will: Madam Mim possesses an obliviousness to danger that makes her invulnerable to fear and intimidation, with nothing capable of controlling her, appealing to her better nature, or prompting her to realize her limits. Hence, Madam Mim does not fear failure and will even threaten her own life to achieve her goal or make a point.