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Maddox Hatter is a major character in the film Descendants: The Rise of Red. He is the son of the Mad Hatter and close friend and tutor of Red. Maddox is also the creator of the Pocket Watch which was used by Red and Chloe in order to time travel back to the past after a coup is incited in Auradon lead by the Queen of Hearts.

He is portrayed by Leonardo Nam.

Background Information[]


Maddox is a inquisitive and curious inventor and tutor. Maddox is also more grounded, thoughtful and caring

Physical Appearance[]

Maddox cut a striking figure in his plaid top hat, purple hair, and olive-green leather trench coat worn on top of a pin-striped wool suit.


Beyond the Isle of the Lost: Wonderland[]

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Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

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Maddox is Red's inquisitive and irrepressibly curious tutor and friend.

Queen of Hearts[]

Maddox is the royal inventor-in-chief for the Queen of Hearts.


  • The Disney Jr. animated series Alice's Wonderland Bakery also includes two distant descendants of the Mad Hatter: Hattie Hatter and his father. Who, interestingly, like Maddox, are also represented as characters of Asian ethnicity.


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