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Party Crasher Trapped
Evie The Jewel-bilee! Mhmmm. OMG! Something's really wrong. I'm freaking out here.
Mal Whatever it is, our friends need our help.
Audrey My dance number is ruined!
Mal Is everybody okay? What happened?
Jordan Zevon. Yzma's son.
Evie He's here?
Jordan Yeah, and he had Jafar's staff and he was like "Ka-blam, Ka-pow, I'm here for the revoltalution" whatever that is. Then he stole the jewels and he was all like "Ba-bam, Ba-boom" and now he wants to take over Auradon.
Ally Excellent summation.
Jordan Thanks.
Mal Does anyone know where Zevon went?
Lonnie Nobody's seen him.
Mal E, mirror. Evie?
Evie Right. Mirror, mirror in my hand, where is Zevon in our land? There he is! On the tourney field!
Mal Okay, you guys. The only way we can stop Zevon is by working together. Let's go.
Audrey You want us to follow you... after what you did?!
Mal I know, I was mean. I mean I was... more than mean, I was evil. I'm so sorry.
Audrey Apology not accepted! Apology rejected! Like an ugly stepsister with size 12 feet!
Ally Ooh burn!
Jordan Yeah she got roasted.
Audrey You ruined everything and put us all in danger.
Mal She's right.
Evie Mal-
Mal This was my fault. If I hadn't gone back to the Isle looking for my jewel-
Evie There's no way you could've known. Look, Mal didn't do this. Zevon did. He turned us against each other, he divided us.
Lonnie And on top of that Jane, Freddie, Jay and Carlos are missing.
Ben Oh, I can finally feel my feet. I'll go find them.
Mal We can only stop Zevon together. I can't do this one alone.
Jordan Sorry, Mal.
Mal Okay, I guess we're doing it alone. Come on.
Evie I think we may be too late.