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Mal and Evie (Mevie or Malvie) is a friendship/romantic pairing, Mal is the daughter of Maleficent and Hades , and Evie is the daughter of the Evil Queen. They are currently best friends, with Evie being the designer for Mal's wedding.

The two began as rivals on the Isle of the Lost as their parents both operated several parts of the Isle and were in a competition to be the supposed ruler. However, after a race to retrieve Maleficent's scepter the two became close friends and continued to explore their relationship.


The Isle of the Lost[]

In the book, Mal despised Evie for not being invited to Evie's sixth birthday party, causing Maleficent to send a curse on Evie and her mother (the Evil Queen). On Evie's first day in school (after about 10 years), Evie and Mal met for the first time, it was bittersweet. When Maleficent sent Mal to retrieve her scepter from the Forbidden Fortress, Evie, Jay, and Carlos are faced with challenges throughout their journey, Carlos is faced with questions at the bridge, Jay is faced with his challenge when they see gold, and Evie is faced with her challenge at the big mirror, while Evie believes what the mirror shows her, Mal helps her with it. When Mal is ready to enact her plan on Evie, she doesn't quite know if she wants to cause Evie started to grow on her a little, Evie is about to grab the scepter when Mal stops her and takes it herself. Instead of a sleeping curse of 1000 years Mal wakes up minutes later. Later in the book, Evie reveals why she couldn't invite Mal to the party, causing Mal to feel quite guilty, but in the end, they become really good friends.


In the movie, Mal and Evie are first shown singing and hanging out together in "Rotten to the Core". They are also tasked by their parents to steal the magic wand. Evie and Mal share a dorm room at Auradon Prep. When Ben asked Mal on a date, Evie helped her with her outfit and make up. Then when Mal considers breaking Ben's love spell Evie comforted her, and Mal comforted Evie when Audrey kissed Chad. Evie made the dress Mal wore to Ben's coronation.

Mal seemed to be in charge and bossed Evie around (similar to how Audrey treated her friends) the two still got along. She told Evie that having a boyfriend was stupid especially since her own "boyfriend", Chad, was making her do his homework for him. When Chad broke her heart after becoming Audrey's boyfriend, Mal comforted her by telling her how great she is and that she doesn't need a prince to be happy like Audrey did.

When Mal needed help getting ready for her date with Ben, Evie volunteered to help her. When Mal decided to erase Ben's feelings, Evie gave her comfort. The two had both decided to be "good", remained in Auradon, and defeated Maleficent alongside Carlos and Jay. The two are best friends and like sisters who stand by each other and often hang out with each other.


  • Evie wanted to invite Mal to her sixth birthday party in The Isle of the Lost before they became friends.
  • Mal considers Evie a sister figure.
  • They have quite opposite personalities, but they're still best friends.
  • Zevon calls them the "Evil Isle Twins"
  • Mal locked Evie in a closet at a party.
  • They have a duet together in Descendants 2 called Space Between.
  • Dove
    Evie was seemingly the only one who knew Hades was Mal’s Father.
  • In an interview, Dove admitted Mal was "madly in love with Evie"