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  • "Stealing candy, Mal? I'm so disappointed."
  • "It's the deeds, Mal, that make the difference between mean and truly evil. When I was your age, I was cursing entire kingdoms."
  • "See, I'm just, just trying to teach you the thing that really counts... how to be me."
  • "Oh! There's news! I buried the lede. You four have been chosen to go to a different school... In Auradon."
  • "You will go. You will find Fairy Godmother and you will bring back the magic wand. Easy peasy."
  • "Matching thrones. Hers-and-hers crowns."
  • "It's all about you and me, baby. Do you enjoy watching innocent people suffer?"
  • "Well, then get me the wand and you and I can see all that and so much more. And with that wand and my scepter, I will be able to bond both good and evil to my will!"
  • "What is wrong with you all? People used to cower at the mention of our names! For 20 years, I have searched for a way off this island. For 20 years, they have robbed us from our revenge... revenge on Snow White and her horrible little men."
  • "Revenge on Aladdin and his bloated genie!"
  • "Revenge on every sneaky dalmatian that escaped your clutches."
  • "And I, Maleficent...The evilest of them all, I will finally have my revenge on sleeping beauty and her relentless little prince. Villains!"
  • "My spell book. My book. I need my... that book. Oh, ah! The safe. The safe. Queen, help me! I never can figure this thing out."
  • "It doesn't work here, but it will in Auradon. Remember? When we were spreading evil and ruining lives."
  • "And now you will be making your own memories by doing exactly as I tell you."
  • "The future of the free world rests on your shoulders. Don't blow it."
  • "Can I please see a remote? Is this thing on? Ugh, It's broken. Ugh! I hate electronic equip... Oh!"
  • "Don't you mean the weeds?"
  • "Still doing tricks with eggplants?"
  • "You really couldn't give Cinderella till one A.M.? I mean, really. What, the hamsters had to be back on their little wheels?"
  • "You sure I can't see you before that? I don't know what I'll do If I don't get my hands on that magic wan... you... you little nugget that I love so much."
  • "I want that wand!"
  • "Meanwhile, my girl duped a prince, and she's this close to grabbing the magic wand."
  • "Villains, our revenge begins today."
  • "Don't blow it, kiddo."
  • "Scepter! Now!"
  • "She's funny. Oh! I'm so... you're very funny. Here. Wand me. Chop chop. No!"
  • "Evil like me, don't you wanna be mean... "
  • "The horns, the horns!"
  • "Falling in love is weak... And ridiculous. It's not what you want."
  • "Oh, obviously. I've had years and years and years and... Years of practice being evil. You'll get there."
  • "I know one thing, young lady. You have no room for love in your life!"
  • "I hardly think so. Frankly, this is tedious and very immature. Give me the wand. Give me the wand!"
  • "The breath! Get off me!"
  • "You all will regret this!"